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About Me

Aradiabot is a bot made for fun, speed and moderation, out pacing even some of the fastest bots out there. In the last 4 months AradiaBot went from a small bot used by 10 servers to a bot used by hundreds (over 1.3k!), Thats a total of 90k members!. Aradiabot currently features over 54 commands as well as many more to come but if you want to add more, feel free to get in contact with your idea. Ill always be willing to listen to good and new ideas!!
Anyway, hope you enjoy the bot
- Cerulean <3

Personal Invite screens!

You can now have your own invite screen. You can set it to use whatever background you so wish. It's so you can have a special invite even if you're not partnered.

Go to your servers dashboard and check it out under the [MORE] button!

Advanced role management

Ever wanted more fine control over roles on mobile? Well here you go!

This allows you to edit roles with presets, hex codes and any more things while being away from desktop. Super mobile friendly too!

Detailed moderator logs

We have logs for every kind of situation, as well as logs that allow you to see who did what. Ever wonder who banned X from the server? Now you know with a quick glance with the logs!

Join Now!

Its super simple to use, just invite the bot using the link at the top of the page and its good to go!!

Hope you enjoy the bot! <3

A quick message:

Hey there! I'm Cerulean, the creator of this bot. I hope you're having a good time using the great features it has, I've worked really hard on it and I love to see people enjoying it! However, I'm at the point where I'm running the bot on so many servers that I can't afford to just run it on my own. If you love the bot and are willing to toss a couple bucks my way, I can make sure the bot will always run without lag and you can help ensure the future of it on your server.

Anyway that was a lot to read. Thanks so much for your support and I hope you guys keep enjoying the bot!

P.S - I am also up for hire, if you have an idea for a bot, Hit me up. Keep in mind, I dont work for free (How else would i be able to keep doing this?).

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