My work

This page is my portfolio of my work. Showing you what I have done as well as the experience I have with working on several different technoliges

- Python
- JavaScript
- Flask/Django/tornado
- MongoDB

Other things include:
- Made my own API
- The entire sites code is made from scratch

The idea of this page is to help showcase my work in the hope that somebody would want to hire me. I love doing this work but my only hope is that I can earn something from this.


What is AradiaBot?

AradiaBot is my main bot/work in progress. Everything i have done in the past 6 months has been on this. It is my pride and joy.

More info (Click Me)

I have learned alot from doing this project. Web design, Web development, Backend API work, Front end, User Interface/experience

Asset 59

What the heck is a WeatherBot?

WeatherBot came about after seeing a lack of actual weather focused bots. Ones that actually had professional commands and features such as a weather alarm to let you know if severe weather was in your area...or youno, rain.

This allowed me to have actual experience working with (terrible) APIs, giving me more knowlage on how to deal with responses. I also had to learn how to create images quickly from URLs as NOAAs image API doesnt compile it for you.

This project is ongoing however its been stalled for AradiaBots new UI. Once i've finished working on that I can get back to work on this. If you want the bot started up, DM me.



LawfulMasses is and was my first professional bot built for a specific use. The bot is used for general help to get stuff from discord to other platforms like Google Sheets. I was tasked to get messages in DMs from discord to Google Sheets without overwriting past messages

This was a cool project. I got to work with an up and coming Youtuber as well as meet a whole new group of cool people. If you guys get the chance, check LawfulMasses out. He takes highly technical law talk into stuff you can understand.

This project is still ongoing so expect to see more cool and intresting things coming to the discord